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DipMAP – Beyond CeMAP

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DipMAP: Taking CeMAP to the Next Level…

CeMAP is the benchmark qualification in the mortgage industry. But what if you want to study further? What if you want to gain even higher skills and demonstrate a real passion for the mortgage industry? You need DipMAP.

The Diploma in Mortgage Advice and Practice

The IFS DipMAP qualification is the Institute of Financial Service’s Level 4 mortgage qualification. It builds upon the fantastic foundation of CeMAP. It enables mortgage professionals who wish to further their knowledge of the mortgage industry to continue their studies and gain a Level 4 qualification. By studying this after  CeMAP, mortgage professionals set themselves apart from their peers. How? By demonstrating that they have an enriched understanding of the mortgage industry and the broader environment of the financial services industry. To study for the Diploma in Mortgage Advice and Practice qualification, you will need to have completed and passed your Level 3 CeMAP  or a recognised equivalent before being accepted onto a recognised DipMAP training course.

The benefits of studying for the DipMAP qualification

A DiPMAP course

  • You will have an enhanced understanding of the regulation of financial services.
  • You will learn more about the structure of the financial services industry in the UK.
  • A greater understanding of the concepts of risk and its management.
  • A thorough knowledge of the finance and planning needed for self-build projects
  • Additional security and its importance
  • More focus on the essential skills needed when advising clients
  • Raising finance and the different options available
  • A good understanding of niche mortgages
  • The ethics of the mortgage industry and the principled approach of the FCA.

These are just some of the benefits.

DipMAP Courses

Courses, both online and classroom courses are available. However, due to the more specialised nature of the qualification, you’ll not find as many providers offering it as CeMAP. However, a quick search will reveal several ways to study..

Key Facts

  • Home study and distance learning DipMAP courses available
  • Study is case-based and assessment is partly multiple choice. This means that results can be provided same-day
  • You can use the letters DipMAP after your name
  • The qualification is recognised by the FCA
  • You can complete the course in just nine months.

You can find out more about the DipMAP mortgage qualification by contacting the IFS.