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CeMAP Courses – Study Options

CeMAP Courses

Here we discuss the wide range of options available to everyone who wants to study for their CeMAP qualification. From residential CeMAP courses to online courses and distance learning CeMAP courses, there’s something for everyone.

cemap courses

Anyone wishing to study for their professional mortgage advisor qualifications has a variety of options available to them. These can include classroom courses at local further educational establishments, and courses at private financial training colleges. By far the most popular method of  study however is home study, whether that be self-study or through a directed distance learning or online open learning program.

Classroom CeMAP Courses

CeMAP Courses

Because of the great number and effectiveness of CeMAP flexible learning courses, there are not a huge number of local authority further education colleges that provide CeMAP courses. There are however a few, and these include Gower College in Swansea, Oldham College on the outskirts of Manchester and Highbury College. More and more people however are choosing to choose distance learning courses, as these enable people to combine their studies more effectively with work, as well as generally being cheaper and having a great pass-rate.

CeMAP Distance Learning Courses

CemAP Courses








There are a multitude of courses available for students who wish to study for the CeMAP qualification on a flexible basis. Firstly there is the independent, self-study route. This is a method of study for people who have a very disciplined nature and who are also looking for the cheapest way of studying for CeMAP. Secondly there are a variety of distance learning, open learning and online learning options available for students.

How much does CeMAP Training Cost?

The cost of CeMAP training varies and depends upon how you do your qualification. The most expensive will usually be training at a private college, where the cost of the CeMAP qualification could be several thousands of pounds. However, there are much other cheaper options, including a variety of CeMAP distance learning, online courses and even independent learning. By looking carefully and prudently, you could find that your CeMAP training costs you very little, and you could qualify for less than £500.

Is CeMAP Hard?

CeMAP courses can be hard and that’s for a good reason. CeMAP is a professional qualification! But don’t let that put you off. Good training providers will be able to take people who have no idea about mortgages and the housing market and bring them up to a standard of being able to pass the qualification in a short time. By the end of your course, you won’t find CeMAP hard or difficult at all.


It will depend upon your exact circumstances as to what the best option for you to achieve your CeMAP qualification is. For some, self study provides them with the flexibility modern life requires. For others, they require the discipline afforded by regular attendance at a further education college.