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CeMAP Home Study

CeMAP home study courses can be a great idea for those people who are committed to a new career in the mortgage industry but don’t have the time to commit to a local classroom based course or a residential CeMAP course. This might be due to work or family responsibilities. Either way, home study is a very popular way of studying for the CeMAP qualification.

For many qualifications, home study isn’t always suitable. However, the way that Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice┬áhas been devised means that is is ideally suited to studying at home. This because the course is broken down into three modules, which are each subsequently broken down into smaller units. This means that the qualification is easy to study and dip in and out of whilst studying at home.

How CeMAP home study courses work

Although each different provider of CeMAP study courses may vary slightly in how they offer their CeMAP study at home courses, the general ideas are the same. Usually they are rooted in the strong foundations of the residential courses that are on offer, and you will be sent a variety of textbooks, learning aids and revision papers that you will need to complete the course. There us usually also a study guide that will give you valuable advice on how to study for the CeMAP qualification, and enable you to structure your studies appropriately.

Although many providers of home study courses structure their tuition as day-by-day lessons, you can access them at your own pace. So, if you have a particularly busy week at work, you might not be able to devote much time to study. However, when you have a week off, you may be able to devote extra hours.

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The course you will have chosen will most probably largely be based online, but there are still some more traditional courses that don’t have much of a computer based element. Most are a mix, with actual textbooks mixed with online resources such as exam practice guides and revision aids. It is worth considering how you like to learn and then contacting providers to check what their learning resources are like. It is no good if you hate sitting in front of a computer for hours to spend your hard-earned money on an entirely online course.

Costs vary for CeMAP home study courses, with some charging in the low hundreds to others charging several thousand pounds. Often, this indicates how much support you will be given by the company, but don’t assume expensive always means better. Talk to the company, do your research and speak to past students if you can. If in doubt, ask the IFS.