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Classroom CeMAP Courses

The majority of people studying for the CeMAP qualification do so by studying either on a distance learning course or an online course. This is because the vast majority of people studying for CeMAP are in full time work, and do not have the time to study at an institution on a full-time basis.

Part-time CeMAP courses

As mentioned on our homepage, there are some further education institutions who do offer part-time CeMAP courses, but they are few and far between. Therefore, if distance learning is not for you, and you can’t do a part-time CeMAP classroom course, then you are looking at enrolling at an institution to do a full-time CeMAP course.

Full-time CeMAP courses

There are some big advantages to studying for the CeMAP qualification by full-time classroom study:

  • Exam results are generally higher for those students who have completed such a course
  • It takes a lot less time to qualify
  • Although fees may be greater, if can be more cost effective due to the reasons listed above
  • Students have direct access to a tutor face-to-face on a CeMAP classroom course. Students on distance and online learning courses often have very limited access to tutor support, whereas full-time classroom students see their tutor every day, and so can ask questions whenever they are unsure of something.

How does CeMAP classroom study work?

cemap course

A CeMAP course at a college or a private study centre is the most structured way of completing the CeMAP qualification. Throughout the course, you will work through a text book with your tutor and fellow students, as well as using other learning aids, such as online resources and revision aids.

The great thing about face-to-face CeMAP courses is that you are in a supportive environment, with constant access to an experienced and qualified tutor, and a support network of fellow students. Whilst distance learning students can find their studies grinding to a halt when they come up against an obstacle, face-to-face students do not have this problem. Students can simply ask their tutor, or talk it through with fellow students, which is often a very good way of working. Collaboration and team working is a vital skill for today’s modern CeMAP qualified mortgage professional.